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    Serious bug in Flex Builder 3

    Handycam Level 1
      I just lost a whole morning's work. Here's what I did:

      I needed to base a new component on an existing one. So, in the FB3 file list I right-click, copy file, paste file, rename to new name. Open up the new file and do my work on it. I saved the file several times as I normally do as I work, and ran and debugged the program many times.

      Then, at one point I did command-Z to undo something. However, I guess the editor did not have focus. Instead of undoing my typing, the tab I was working on closed. The undo/redo menu read "Redo duplicate file". Worst of all, the newer file -- the one i had been working on all day -- had reverted back to the way it was when I first duplicated it, i.e. a clone of file 1. All the work I had done to transform the file 1 clone into file 2 was lost. Even the Finder modification date was the same as file 1. No trace of the file versions saved today.

      I have never seen a program overwriting a never file with an old one with no dialog or warning. I realize nothing can be done, I need to re-do my work, but to other be aware. I will never duplicate a file or perform any file operation from within FB from now on, I will use the OS.