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    Generate TOC with Section Markers?


      It's been a while since I've had to setup and create a TOC for a single file long document, but I'm pretty sure that I've created TOCs this way in the past. So, why won't the text in Section Markers show up in the TOC? Is it even possible to generate a TOC that has Section Marker text?


      I'm using InDesign CS5 in Windows. I've got a single file document that I'm trying to generate a TOC for. I've designed a 16 page handbook in one inDesign file which includes a Cover page, TOC page, and seven "chapters".


      I created separate sections for each "chapter" and used Section Markers at the top of the Master page for the chapter names. This is something I've done in the past for single file long documents with multiple chapters.


      I've set the first page of each "chapter" as a new Section on the Pages panel. In the Numbering and Section Options for each page, I've checked Start Section, Automatic Page Numbering, Page Numbering Style: 1,2,3,4... and in Section Marker: I've put the "chapter" name in the text box.




      I set up Paragraph and and Character Styles and used them throughout my document. When I set up the TOC I set up everything correctly, including my Section Marker style for the chapter names and a heading style that I used for all the sub headings in my file. 




      When I insert the TOC, the sub headings with their page numbers generate but the chapter headings which are Section Markers do not generate. Am I missing something or is it even possible to include the text for Section Markers in a TOC? I'm sure that it's worked in the past. Can anyone offer a solution for this?