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    After Effects CS6: Opinions on how to proceed with changing resolution in a project

    Michael Sanora

      I recently finished a project that I was quite proud of. The only problem was that I did the whole thing in the wrong resolution . I already figured out how to fix this problem so that it doesn't happen again, but the tricky part is how to convert my whole project into a higher resolution.


      My project involves seven different compositions rolled into one master composition. Everything works great except the resolution problem. I ended up changing each composition into my desired resolution, but then I have resizing issues with text, photos, effects, ray-traced 3d... plus all the effects are no longer calibrated correctly (an example would be text that initially moved on and off screen but now only covers a small distance after the resolution change).


      I've already considered starting all over again. I'm ok with this because it'll only take me a couple of days to duplicate everything. It may even be easier. However, if someone has an idea then I would like to give it a shot. This would be a great learning opportunity anyway.


      So to clarify, my initial project was done in the wrong resolution (720x480). Changing the resolution (to 1920x1080) is easy enough, but everything needs resizing and redone. Is there an easier way to convert a composition with all of its effects, items, settings, etc into another composition of a higher resolution without having to start over? Since this is also a learning opportunity, if you think of something that might work, then I would still like to hear it. I'm willing to give everything a try.