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    PP CS6 same settings as sequence created from source clip ...

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      If there is documentation on this one, let me know, I didn't see anything at a glance.   I am trying to educate myself on PP CS6 and encoding when one selects same settings as sequence on export where the sequence was created from a clip.  (And also just trying to understand the basics of encoding, codecs, formats, containers, etc. generally speaking.)   Keep in mind I am coming from a consumer level of understanding and prior used another editor that had "smart rendering" whereby if you selected an output matching a clip it matched everything and encode only what changed.  My source video in this case is from a Countour+ helmet camera unit: 1280x720, 59.94, progressive, .mov, "avc1" codec and H.264 reported by Gspot.    Let me know if you need more information.   


      Ok so when I do an export as noted above I see PP selecting "MPEG Preview" for the format and "MPEG I-Frame" for the codec, both options grayed out.  If I run gspot I get the same width, height, frame rate, etc. as the original source clips only gspot reports the format is mpeg-2.   I was expecting to see the mpeg-4/h.264 like the source video.   Is this result to be expected?


      Secondarily, if your goal was to have a file that can play on your Sony PS3 (and a PC), what settings would you choose for export if you wanted to have the highest quality result?