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    Installation of Pre Pro CS6 with CS5.5

    BJBBJB1 Level 1


      I am upgrading from CS 5.5 Creative Suite to CS6. Hard drive space is not an issue.  I typically would uninstall the entire prior suite before installing the newest one, or even time it with an OS upgrade clean install.  However this time, that is not the case.


      But I know I want to keep at least Premiere Pro CS5.5 installed because there are certain things I have done with audio that I want to make sure "convert" over to the new mixer.  Or at least I understand how they are working.  And if I have problems getting a desired result with the new version, I can still fall back on my safety net of CS5.5. Or use 5.5 to setup some "shell projects" that I can then open up in CS6.  However I don't think I would ever touch any of the other programs in the suite once I am on CS6.  MAYBE Photoshop but I can't even see that.


      So here is the question! Should I just leave 100% of the old suite installed and just install CS6 Prod Premium?

      Or should I uninstall all the programs from 5.5 I know I won't use and then install the entire CS6 Prod Premium suite?


      I know these suites can be VERY finicky when installing, so I am just checking before I dive in.