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    Lagarith, DNxHD file sizes ...

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      I have a timeline that is about 9 minutes long.   The source video is from a Contour+ helmet camera, 1280x720, 59.94, progressive, H.264.    I created a sequence from a video clip then exported using same settings as sequence.  PP used MPEG Preview as the format and MPEG I-Frame for the codec.   The resultant file size is ~1.9GB.   I then encoded using Lagarith with an AVI format, manually matching those settings above.  The resultant file is ~15.5GB.   I did the same using DNxHD with a Quicktime format and the resultant file was 29.7GB.    Let me know if you need more information.  Several questions:


      1. I was expecting the Lagarith to be much larger.  Did I choose the wrong settings for one or the other?  I noticed there was an "AVI (uncompressed)" format option in case I should have used that one for Lagarith.
      2. For those of you experienced messing with these codecs, are these file sizes expected for this duration and source video? 
      3. Is it fair to assume that if I had an 80 minute movie made from similar footage the file sizes would be roughly 10x the size of this example?  Maybe that's a stupid question.
      4. Is there anyway to get PP to automatically fill out as many matching settings as possible when choosing a format and codec manually?   I had to manually enter height, width, frame rate, etc.
      5. Should I be selecting "render at maximum depth"?   If so, 24-bit or 32-bit?  I don't understand this stuff here, so this question is just looking for a "do this ..." type response.