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    Menus do not display after recording


      Has anyone else seen this type of issue with Captivate 2. After I record screens shots, the Menus in the Captivate will not display. When I try to run a preview for example, if I click on the Preview menu it flickers on for a second and then disappears. This happens to all menus after I do a recording. If I click the save button and then exit and restart Captivate, I can then use the menus. I have tried making sure Captivate is the only program running outside of the program I am capturing, but it does not seem to be a system resource issue.
      Any ideas?
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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          Welcome to our community, Brian!

          Yes, this issue was probably the single most reported issue when Captivate 2 first came out. The disappearing menus!

          If you have been paying attention, you will have noticed that this happens after you interact with any Flash object in your project. Certainly restarting Captivate corrects the issue, but that's a bit on the drastic side. Here is how you may stop the flashing.

          After you interact with a Flash Animation object, click anything over in your Library panel. The goal is to simply place focus there. Once you do this, the menus should stabilize. That is, until you interact with another Flash Animation.

          Cheers... Rick