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    Embeddable Fonts for EPUB?

    GoldCountry86 Level 1

      I'm using ID CS6 to create EPUBs. When I try to export anything other than the usual Times New Roman, or other basic fonts, the fonts don't show up in the exported EPUB.


      For instance, I've tried using Minion Pro, Warnock, Lucida, etc. and all I get at the other end is either a bizarre substitution, or Times New Roman.


      Every paragraph and character in my ID docs is assigned a paragragh or character style, which includes export tagging, and usually a class. I've had people on forum boards tell me I'm foolish for assigning classes, but how else are you supposed to distinguish between two h2 styles with different attributes?


      Rather than place text from Word, which I've noticed imports a host of other problems on export, I copy the text into a simple text editing program, make it plain text, then copy and paste into ID, then apply styles to format. The embed fonts checkbox is checked when exporting.


      What am I missing? What qualifies as an embeddable font? I should mention that I am viewing the epub in ADE. Could this be the problem?


      Update: Just noticed that none of the character styles I've tagged as span are coming through either. The em and strong character styles work, but nothing tagged span will be properly styled in the EPUB. I even tried applying styling to characters without creating a style and it doesn't work. For instance, SMALL CAPS come through as small caps.

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          BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          What are your export settings? Where are you viewing the EPUB? Have you cracked it open to see if there is a fonts folder? Does the CSS show the proper font.


          Finally, nothing wrong with a class if it has a purpose. For main body text you can use a p tag without a class. If the first paragraph after an h2 has a special format you can use h2+p to create that stylinging in the css. Of course, this assumes a knowledge of CSS and the willingness to crack open the EPUB to work on it.