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    It is impossible to downgrade on IE9 (Flash Player 11.3 on windows Vista has no sound)


      Flash Player 11.3 when installed in Windows Vista - the sound doesn't work (doesn't play). I've seen a thread discussing it - it's a "known issue". The 'solution' in the mean time is
      to downgrade back to 11.2.


      This works for non IE browsers, however - when I try to install 11.2 for IE9 (the "ActiveX" version installer: flashplayer11_2r202_233_winax_32bit.exe) -
      I get a message saying that "...the version that you are trying to install is not the most current version" - and there is only one button with "QUIT" on it


      So how am I supposed to install 11.2 on IE9...?