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    Can't Get Rid of Blank Capture Window

    Ron Hodges Level 1

      I have been capturing video from VHS tapes from a VCR player through a Canopus ADVC-55 analog to digital converter.  I use Windows 7.  This was working OK, but at one point Premiere Elements 9 froze during the capture and I aborted it through the Task Manager.  When I reopened PE9 a blank capture window blocking the work area appeared (see Figure).  The window cannot be closed or moved, but can be resized.


      I have made several attempts to get rid of it.

      - I started another video capture, which opened a new capture window without getting rid of this blank one.

      - Starting a new project does not get rid of the window.

      - I uninstalled and reinstalled PE9.  The blank window still opens when I start the program!


      The program is still usable by resizing the window to such a small size that I can access the controls, but I would appreciate any advice in getting rid of the stupid thing.