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    cfgridupdate - does it really work?

      I have had the hardest time getting cfgridupdate to work. Has anyone had success with it? I am using CF7.

      The first error was due to not passing the primary key. I've done this with a display="no" option on the cfgridcolumn property of the primary key variable.

      The, I started receiving errors that the data type does not match.

      Is there another alternative to cfgrid/cfgridupdate? I like the way it displays all the data similar to a database output. It could potentially make modifications and inserts much easier - if it worked.
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          garyrgi Level 1

          You could try the Ajax approach ( I know you are on MX7 but that shouldnt stop you :) )

          Check out some of the examples on EXTJS there is also a custom tag implementation that a couple of different people have done that allows you to use the EXT library without having to have MX8 (or at least should)

          I have done an updatable grid using the EXTJS library and it also looks good!