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    Maia - Revenge of the End of the Line.

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      Needing some beta testing if you're adventurous.
      Sourcecode for shockwave if interested in developing.


      Explore, and hopefully stop the end of the world, which will destroy your game after a few hours (although you can play over again and continue the same character).  This is a text based, single or multiplayer game with a graphical element. There is an executable version to download, or you can play on the web by going through an animated loader program in shockwave. My apology that the site is free hosting...so please don't mind the advertising.


      Download: http://eternalcity.netai.net/ark/maia.zip
      Browser: http://eternalcity.netai.net/arcade.html
      Sourcecode: http://eternalcity.netai.net/ark/mia.zip


      I've tested it to death recently and fixed several bugs. I'm trying to find more people to play it and report some feedback. I'm very interested to know the game balance for someone who's never played it, or any possible way to cheat in leveling up. Let me know what you think.


      Thanks for sharing, enjoy the day and have some fun.





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          zenaple Level 1


          Majorly updated 11/14/2013.  http://eternalcity.netai.net/arcade.html


          Bugs fixed, and a fat ton of new content has been added, overhauled as well as additional game mechanics.

          New areas, classes, items and monsters, as well as changes.


          Also updated the source engine with all of the new streamlined code, plus more examples and templates to work with. It's both a copypixels text engine and a multiuser gaming environment which could possibly be adapted for other kinds of action using the heartbeat to keep laggy connections in sync, maybe a graphical strategy-like game.


          If you want to express some kind of creation, text is a pretty easy way to accomplish that, especially if you're just one person.  With text you can create a gigantic snail with mace-like tentacles in a matter of minutes, and the file size stays extremely small.  You can bring huge ideas to life, and unlock the imagination just like reading a book, yet it is still interactive.


          But anyway, have fun if you play the game, and cheers if the code behooves you.

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            zenaple Level 1

            Note the website has changed.

            Still needing more play testing.

            Play in your browser: http://heartofeternal.org/arcade.html

            Download executable: http://heartofeternal.org/ark/maia.zip


            2014 release notes:



            -- Spider web properties.

            -- Ring properties.

            -- Bug preventing light checks.

            -- Bug preventing boink spell.

            -- Some spelling errors.

            -- Rare infinite loop bug.

            -- Time constraint lengthened.

            -- Misc changes.



            -- Mageslayer class.

            -- Nymphomaniac class.

            -- Magic Valley area.

            -- City of Midgar area.

            -- Misc areas and items.

            -- 2 additional races.

            -- Additional key codes.