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    Authentication Required message


      screenShot1.jpgWhen I add an swf. to my web page and upload it this message comes up to the end user. How can I disable this in flash? I'ts not a DW or hosting problem...it's flash, the web page works online without the swf. Please Help, thank you!

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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          that's a server generated message, not from flash.

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            tikiglow Level 1

            Fash is doing something to generate it from the server, most likely  permissions or something, if you stick it in a folder it works just not in the root folder. I noticed a lot of bugs in DW and flash 5.5.

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              adninjastrator Level 4

              I don't know..... sure looks like a server message to me.

              I'd suggest you contact your Web host and verify if a username and passwork is required to view the site. That's a very easy first step in trouble shooting.

              Looks like this pops up when viewing the "Video Gallery". Are you pulling videos from a site other than your own? Do you have permission to use the videos... if they are not hosted on your own site.

              Is the site listed in the popup message your site? Did you set up a different domain where you are hosting the videos... maybe a password protected domain... maybe used for development purposes... which at one time or another, you set up a username and password to access.

              And now that you are starting to pull videos from there, the password is still in place.

              To test, attempt a direct download of one of the videos using the same path that is used in the Flash .swf... just be sure to add the http://www.yoursite.org/folder_name/ etc...for example:


              this will attempt a direct download of one of videos files, skipping the HTML as well as the Flash .swf.

              If that video file is behind a password protected section of the site, you'll get a message like you see above.

              One more possibilty... the path to the video files/swf is wrong...

              if you stick it in a folder it works just not in the root folder

              Again, look at the path to the video files used in the .swf. maybe they are pathed to load from one folder level above the root folder (which you really can't have)... so that's generating the message.

              Move the vids/swf down one folder level...now the .swf can go up one folder level, find the vid files, and still be withing the Web site folder structure.

              Best wishes,


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                tikiglow Level 1

                Thanks for the reply, it's the photogallery that's the problem, you may have been looking at the site when I was changing the path on the nav bar.

                The solution is to run the photogallery out of a folder, that way the dialog dosen't come up, why? that "authentication required" dosen't know where to look.

                It's a work around, but what ever.