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    P2 Import broken CS6

    John Ellenberger Level 1

      Just upgraded to CS6 yesterday and began work on a project that I was going to do in CS5.  I am getting a very strange problem importing P2 footage.  A copy of the P2 files are stored on my local disk.  When I import them they look fine in the browser with scrubbing however when I open in source monitor or drag them on the sequence and view them the first frame is a washed out pastel and then the rest of the footage plays back in black and white upside down.   Sometimes I can get it to behave by deleting the import and reimporting but sometimes it stays that way after multiple attempts.  Its completely random.


      Footage works fine in CS5.


      I signed up for online training to deal with the changes but I didn't spot any reference to changes in import that would cause this.


      I applied the latest patch before even firing it up for the first time.


      I quick search didn't turn up any references about this.


      Any suggestions on how to get it to import P2 consistently?  Its basically useless as it is...