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    "add to cart" "view cart""proceed to checkout" integration?

    wihac2 Community Member


      Alas, I'm feeling misled by the advertising video about Paypal integration.  Hopefully someone can help & save me from requesting a refund.

      At present, it seems like forms + paypal isn't at all useful for online stores, as it doesn't support full paypal integation. (Despite the "ease" of "collecting online payments" touted in the video).   Simply put: how do we integrate paypals ‘add to cart’, "view cart" & "proceed to checkout" buttons to forms?

      As an example: online stores have products for sale on a product page.  The page displays images of products (usually with a light-box effect, so customers can take a closer look), then customer can select “add to cart” button & customer keeps window shopping. Once they’re ready to checkout, you select “proceed to checkout”. These are all standard paypal payment functions & buttons. Yet, so far (I hope I’m wrong) there appears to be no such integration. The promotional video strongly touts the “ease” for online payment collection & the blogs tout "integrated with Paypal", but where is the 'add to cart' aspect integrated please?

      If we cannot integrate “add to cart” “view cart” “proceed to checkout” functionality, then what methodology would you suggest for real online stores to use with FormsCentral and paypal?

      If there's no way of actually doing this, then the Paypal integration isn't complete & it's unusable. 

      I wouldn't mind such a limitation & could happily just build a html/css products page & add Paypals buttons to it, without complaining & say that FormsCentral doesn't meet my business needs.  However, a) nowhere does the advertising / blogs say that its only partial Paypal payment integration.  b) FormsCentral forces us to upgrade to a paid version before being able to test the Paypal integration: not exactly thrilled to have paid for something that doesn't work as expected. 

      (This last point brings up a Suggestion Idea: maybe allow a limited "FULL" trial period instead of the 3/4 access that is currently set-up.  Quite a few online blogs have commented on this very un-Adobe "partial-trial" that FormsCentral has applied).

      Thanks very much for your time.  I sincerely hope genuine paypal payment integration is available.


      P.S: a)forms central isn't listed as a "product" on the main adobe HELP page: so it's a real pain to navigate to the help section.  b)when logged in, if you click on 'help' section, it launches a new window which requires you to log in again!  Ummm, I was logged in already, just asking for help..  then c) once you re-log-in, it doesn't take you to the help page you were on: so you have to search & navigate again.  Very clunky, time-wasting & frankly, annoying to navigate as a result. 

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          Todd Rein



          I apologize that the marketing literature was confusing.  I will forward your feedback to the marketing team. 


          FormsCentral does not support adding "add to cart" links to your website.  However, you are right, we don't have the capability you are looking for.  The PayPal integration is meant to allow forms to collect payments, such as a conference registation form.  It is not meant to be a fully functioning shopping cart for an online retailer.


          We've initiated a refund for you that you should see within a few days.




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            Todd Rein Community Member



            Some follow up to this - I did pass along the information to our marketing team.  They thanked you for the feedback.  One thing they are actively working on is to allow a full trial for $1 so that customers can get a better feel of the paid for features.