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    Is there no User Guide for Premiere Pro CS6?


      I am a FCP7 refugee trying to decide between Avid and PP CS6. After waiting for a few weeks for it to be available, I have been lookiig through the PP CS6 Help PDF. I was surprised to see that it is not a complete reference guide documenting the features of the application, but instead a mish-mash of short descriptions, with numerous links to videos, documents from earlier versions, and other external locations where one has to go to get the actual information--not very helpful as a guide to the application. Is there actually no comprehensive user guide from Adobe in a single document or PDF? Or is the only way to get information about the application to navigate through all these disjointed materials?


      If there is such a user guide, I would very much like to know where I can find it. If there isn't, I would have to count this as a very big factor in favor of deciding to go with Avid. This is particularly true given the absence of any current third-party books on PPro CS6, although such books are hardly a substitute for a well written and comprehensive user guide, something which is also true of the help PDF.