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    GTX 285 in Mac Pro 5,1--Screen goes haywire on Premiere launch




      I just installed a second-hand EVGA GeForce GTX 285 Mac Edition in my brand new 5,1 6-Core Mac Pro. I start it up and the grey screen instantly shows up via DVI on my monitor. Once my system is booted, everything seems fine, and the graphics card runs quietly.


      I assume what the problem is stems from using a graphics heavy application. Mail, iTunes, Chrome, iPhoto, After Effects, Photoshop etc seem to work fine. The last few crashes have come from opening Adobe Premiere Pro (which, ironically is the program I got the card for). I have used this Mac with its standard 5770 Radeon card and everything has worked fine. At its worst, it causes the screen to turn into pixelated garbage (picture attached), but sometimes it just causes the display to freeze with a few glitches, and becomes unresponsive, necessitating a hard reboot. Also attached is the system profiler info on the graphics card.

      I would appreciate any leads as to whether I have a bad card, bad drivers (should be the most recent!), or if there is anything I can do to remedy this.

      Thanks for your time and let me know if you need any more info!