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    P9X79 Scratch Disk


      Here's the system I'm building...


      Asus P9X79 WS

      Intel 3930k

      32GB Ram - Corsair Dominator

      Quadro 4000 Video

      Plextor M3P 256GB SSD (SATA-III) on the Intel X79 controller

      Western Digital 3TB (SATA-III) on the Intel X79 controller

      Areca ARC-1880 w/ 4 drives in RAID 5

      Corsair Obsidian case


      The OS and programs on the SSD, exports and general files on the WD, media on the RAID 5.


      The P9X79 WS has a second HD controller, a Marvell 9128, to which can be connected 2 SATA-III drives.  It looks to me like there are 4 options: 1) connect 2 independent drives, 2) connect 2 drives in RAID 0 or 1, 3) connect 1 SSD and 1 mechanical drive and configure for the SSD to serve as cache for the mechanical drive, or 4) connect 1 or 2 independent drives and set up a RAM drive to serve as cache for one or both of them.


      I'd like to use the drive(s) connected to the Marvell controller for the swap/preview/media cache drive but don't know which of the 4 choices above to use.  I've read that the Marvell controller is only connected to 1 PCIe channel so the through-put is limited.


      Any thoughts/advice/words of wisdom is appreciated.

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          John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Unless the information below has changed (I don't have an SSD, so don't know) the advice I've read is to NOT use an SSD for frequent writes... so swap/preview/cache should go to a platter


          SSD and Video Editing http://forums.adobe.com/thread/902915?tstart=0

          -and http://forums.adobe.com/message/4492104

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            JFPhoton Level 3

            ...newer pro series SSDS WITH THE MARVELL CONTROLLER can do well now....many rewrites without speed loss....plextor m3 pro and Corsair pref pro models...check tweaktown. Reviews

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              UWHunt Level 1

              Thanks guys.


              I've read the links and several others.


              My take on it all is that, while SSD's and their controllers have come a long way in extending their lives, there still seems to be some concern as to how may writes they can handle.


              I've decided to go with 2 WD, 1TB, SATA III, Black, 7200rpm drives in RAID 0 on the built-in Marvell 9128 controller.  It looks to me like there may be faster but less reliable scenarios (stand alone SSD or SSD caching for an HDD) but, crunching the numbers on the 9128 (only designed for PCIe 2.0 (500MB/s) and only connected to one PCIe 3.0 (1GB/s) lane, the 2 drives in RAID 0 should be able to max out the controller's throughput.  (It is interesting that Marvell doesn't seem to make and Asus doesn't use a second controller that is designed for SATA III on their X79 motherboards.)


              Now my question is, how fast does a swap/preview/media cache drive need to be ?  Or...at what point (how many streams or filters) does it become the bottleneck rather than the graphics card or the processor or the media drive or the... ?