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    DW BC panel

    Graugans GbR Level 1

      I set up a webMarketing trial site in the partner portal, beside to another webBasic trial. When accessing the webMarketing site through DW it shows the right site, shows the right files mirrored at the BC server, but when opening the BC panel it shows the webBasic site, so I cannot use all the modules offered by the webMarketing site. Shouldnt the BC panel automatically show the features available for the site opened in DW?


      Update: I now deleted the webBasic site which was always appearing in the BC panel but now, when opening my webMarketing site in DW, i get an error message in the BC panel:

      Dieses Dokument gehört zu einer Site, die für den aktuellen Benutzer nicht verfügbar ist.

      "this document belongs to a site not available for this user"


      Update 2: although I deleted the old webBasic site in partner portal, it still shows up, when clicking on "administration" at the dreaweavers BC panel. Shouldnt this site be gone?

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          Liam Dilley Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Sounds like you only had one project in dreamweaver and you only have the details for the connection for the one site. You made sure you been entering the different urls?


          Youbasicaite.businesscatalyst.com and youwebmarketingsite.businesscatalyst.com ??

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            Graugans GbR Level 1

            My basic site doesnt excist anymore, I deleted  it in partner portal. Nevertheless the DW BC panel does not connect to my current site, which is a webMarketing site. It either shows the title of the old basic site (when opening the index.html) or gives an error message. (when opening the .dwt file)


            Weird enough, for "Testsite BC" is defined nowhere in DW anymore, I deleted all sites.