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    Photoshop CS6 Internal Font Missing!

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      Help,  I was using Extensis Suitcase Fusion 4 trial, and it ended, but when it did now because I can't use it, somehow it must have removed or just had de-activated the photoshop internal system font.    All of my panels and menus etc except for the top windows-menus lists, but everything else is missing - blank.   I can't do anything in photoshop practically speaking.  Cannot see any layer names etc... normal type-tool and fonts loaded show up, but nothing in the program itself.   So I can't even enter numerical values for anything.   Illustrator, Indesign, Flash, Muse, Bridge, Premiere, After Effects - -- all of these are working just fine.... what is the specific font I need to re-install for Photoshop to display?  It is the same font that starts listing when you open the program on the splash logo where it is saying "loading fonts" etc and all that stuff, its just blank... so please whatever that font is I need to know and install it to my windows directory again so I can use photoshop.   Thanks!

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          I'm not sure the its a missinf font the is causing your problem. Try resetting you CS6 user preferences. Try creating a new userid on your machine and try to run CS6 on that userid.

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            Hey,  got it fixed but I'm having trouble really nailing it down to why it happened... it has something to do with the arial font that photoshop uses and I must have not had it loaded...  I can only repeat it within the program by using Bitstream Fon Navigator to load all the arial fonts and when it does - it replaces whatever is loaded when photoshop starts - then the photoshop UI drops all internal fonts when you hover or switch panels etc...   but when I close and open again it works fine -- so it must have been that the Extensis trial ending dropped a key font that photoshop was looking for - and once I got it to find it again now it at least keeps it somewhere to load each time the program starts... hopefully this won't happen again but at least I know that I just have to load all arial fonts to get it back.   Thanks for the help either way, tried the resetting preferences but I couldn't even see any text in the window to reset it.