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    MXF File turns to black in exports




      I've been having this issue over and over again throughout the past week.  I recently received some footage I needed to edit that came from a Sony XD-Cam.  I took the footage into Premiere and it loaded (albeit very slowly, even through the media browser).  I've previewed the clips in VLC to make sure that I knew what I wanted to edit.  Premiere pro wouldn't let me preview the MXF files. When I chose my in and out points, I put the clip to export.  The export also took a while to load, but it finally did and exported the cilp.  While playing the newly exported clip(I've tried mpeg-2 and quicktime pro-res), the first ten minutes works fine, then it cuts to black, then it cuts back into the clip in the last five minutes.  The audio stays with it the whole time.


      Is this a common issue?  Is there a fix to it?  I appreciate any help.