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    Advanced flash menu tutorial

    John Keates88

      Hello everyone!


      Is there any advanced tutorials showing how to create an advanced flash menu and header such as this one on the top:




      I think my flash level is intermediat and I know how to design ordinary menu but this one here displays:


      * Loading scene

      * nice quickly animated objects in the movie introduction


      also is there any Flash effects that I can include in Flash such as SwishMax effects, or do I have to create my own motion presets?

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          adninjastrator Level 4

          I'd recommend that if you want to use fancy Flash navigation like shown in the link above, do so using swfobject


          and a complete set of alternate navigation buttons for non-Flash devices. That way you can have the best of two worlds... Flash and regular HTML/CSS navigation. This has actually been a Flash "Best Practice" for some time now.

          The best way to properly set this up is to first provide the alternate content (in this case the navigation) then only after you have that working, add the Flash part.


          Best wishes,


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            John Keates88 Level 1

            I couldn't agree more Adninjastrator,

            I mysefl haven't used flash in my website designs except twice maybe and I do recommend my clients not to use it,

            however, some clients or products may require animation or special flash effects and I would love to enrich my knowledge with advanced tutorials even though I may not actually come to use it.

            Thank you for your post it was very helpful, swfobject is indeed a great addition.