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    Anchoring images

    Erniegar Level 1

      Hi all,


      I'm a very basic user of Dreamweaver.  I use the WYSIWYG side of things, with the occasional amendment to the code.  I just create one page websites.


      This level of understanding is fine for what I need, but I occasionally need to do something a little more complex and at the moment I need to anchor two images to the side/bottom of the webpage.


      Here's the site, its just one page www.fromapollototomzarek.com


      If anyone can advise how to do this in the WYSIWYG parts of Dreamweaver that would be great.  I'm hoping to avoid the complexities of CSS stylesheets, PHP or in-depth code etc as they are beyond my understanding.


      Can one half face be anchored to both the left and bottom?  Then the other to the right and bottom?