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    Extract Edit Across a Dissolve causes Serious Error Crash

    AndyJenkins39 Level 1

      Hoping that:


      1 - There's an update soon - it's been a while since we've had anything significant.


      2 - This particular bug gets addressed.


      I'm on a new Mac Pro - 64 GB Dual Hexacore 2.93 GHz.  Running Raid 0 internal with a Blade SSD in the 16x PCI slot. Other than Chrome, Motion (To get the Pro Codecs) and the Adobe Suite, I've installed nothing else on this rig.  Software updates are latest version


      Quadro 4000 updated to latest published non-beta CUDA drivers.


      I'm doing trim edits on a feature.  The timelines I'm working in are about 6 minutes long (Broken up by sequences).  Working in ProRes 422.




      When I try to do an extract edit and either the in or the out point touches an audio dissolve, I get a Serious Error Crash.


      My current Work-Around is to remove all the dissolves before I extract - but I have 8 channels of Audio and its an action film, so there's a LOT to remove.


      Eager for an update.