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    Redistributable rights for HHActiveX.dll


      We've added a glossary to our online help project in RH7 and have discovered that we need to include HHActiveX.dll so customers can access the glossary tab in the compiled HTML Help CHM file. I've been asked to provide information showing that it's okay to redistribute the DLL file. I"ve found plenty of places that call the file a redistributable, but I have not found any statements in the license agreement.

      The Redistr.txt file in the Redist folder mentions a "Redistributables" section in the license agreement but searching the license.htm file doesn't return any matches.

      Any suggestions?


      Kim Nylander
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          RoboColum(n) Level 5
          Hi Kim.

          Maybe this link will help you.
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            Kim_N. Level 1
            Thank you for the suggestion. I had found the same page that you sent when searching for licensing information. The Distributing Your Help File article lists the following information: "All the following support files are supplied by Microsoft Corporation and redistributed by Adobe when you install RoboHelp (except HHActiveX.DLL, which Adobe provides). The licensing agreement you have with Adobe lets you redistribute Microsoft HTML Help and Internet Explorer files as long as they are included with your HTML Help output."

            The problem is that I have not been able to find any statement in Adobe's license agreement for RH7 that contains any verbage about redistributables. I'm trying to find the exact statement in the license agreement, and so far, haven't come up with anything.

            Any additional ideas would be most welcome.


            Kim N.
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              RoboColum(n) Level 5
              The best I can come up with is the RoboHelp help file. Look for the HHACTIVEX.DLL index keyword which highlights the "Distributing Microsoft HTML Help" topic. In there is a dropdown link for "support files" which explicitedly mentions having to distribute the file.

              Personally I do not think it a worthwhile use of your time persuing this. If distributing this file was against the RH licence agreement there would be thousands of firms being taken through the court by Adobe. It is just not an issue. It is tacit agreement that if you accept the licence terms that you can freely distribute the file.

              This may not be what your company lawyers (or whoever is persuing this) want. If it isn't, maybe they should contact Adobe directly to get a definitive approval and stop wasting your time. I suggest you put things a little more delicately than that though