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    Flv play reverse

    ErikaDparit Level 1



      I am using some flv in my application, what I want to do is play these videos in reverse when needed.

      How can I do that in Flash Catalyst or maybe there is a way I can open this project in Flash Builder and maybe do it there?



      Thank you in advance,


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          Chris W. Griffith Adobe Community Professional

          Nope, sorry, that's generally impossible in most video playback apps because of the way video compression and keyframes work.


          Another option is to just render an additional version of your video in reverse so that you can play it back that way - technically to Flash Catalyst it would be playing forward, but to the users it would look backwards.



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            ErikaDparit Level 1

            Thank you Chris,

            actually I have already chosen your second option, I have rendered all the videos as additional versions that will play in reverse, but I thought that if I just played the same video in reverse I wouldn't "call" 2 different videos (Play and PlayReverse) , I would just "call" only 1 video which when needed I would play it in Reverse.


            However, thank you for your reply!!!


            There is something else I would like to ask:

            Is there a way I can "preload" all my videos while the preloader is loading my application instead of loading each video the moment that I hit the "Play" button? This causes a little delay on how the video appears and this is a minor problem because there is an interaction between the videos and this delay (which occurs only the first time the video plays) is not good. How can I do this (I guess this should be done in Flash Builder but I don't even have a clue of where should I search for)