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    Best interactive map software

    wildlifeimage Level 1

      Hey not sure if I have the right forum and Im may be preaching to the preached here.



        I am currently now in my third year of Marine and Natural History Photography at Uni. For my final year project I will be designing an interactive map of the Helford river. This will include images, videos, audio and text. There is a lot of software out there that will aid me in designing of the the map but Im not 100% on the best one to use. Adobe Edge looks good and there is also Flash catalyst too. In your personal opinions what would be the best to use and also the easiest to learn in the time scale I have (a year) left.





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          Chris W. Griffith Adobe Community Professional

          I would recommend using something based on HTML/CSS/JS over a Flash Platform based solution. Edge, and jQuery will likely become your new best friends


          You could do some very fast prototyping Flash Catalyst to see how an interaction my function or look. But there would not be any code that you could resuse.


          Chris Griffith