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    A4 booklet printing

    Colin Beeby

      Can I print A4 sized booklets (ie using A3 paper) using Acrobat Standard v9.4.1?

      The settings that are available seem to only allow printing booklets on A4 or A5 paper.

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          Bill@VT Level 7

          You need to look at combinations of paper selection and either shrink or expand to fit. You can also select multiup, though the margins that are left are a bit big for some.

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            Colin Beeby Level 1

            Thanks Bill

            Your reply made me probe a bit deeper into printer settings etc.

            I did find a setting that was supposed to print on A3. But unfortunately it still came out on A4 paper, and the images themselves were scaled down to A6.

            I’ll keep playing around.


            Ps – I couldn’t find anything called multiup in any of the menus. Any clues to where I can find it?


            Colin Beeby

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