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    Flex Builder 3


      I'm using FlexBuilder 2 for over one year, in production environment. I start my last project with FlexBuilder 3 Professional ( Version: 3.0.194161 ) and Flex3 SDK.

      Actually i'm still using FlexBuilder 2 for the old projects and FlexBuilder 3 for the new one, on the same computer and i notice several differences :

      In flex builder 3 Pro :
      - strange auto completion behavior, sometimes working sometimes not, specially in MXML file.
      - "Variables" panel for debugging is really, really slow, when scrolling , or searching for a variable.
      - Step by step debug, is absolutely hazardous. Hangs Eclipse or stop working.

      Does this problems are known in FlexBuiler 3 ?
      Does anyone have the same problem ?