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    Assertion Failed for catalog.createKeyword

    Minneapolis Glyn

      I am new to developing on the Lightroom SDK and am trying to build a script to add keywords to a catalog.  Here is the contents of the current script:


      local LrApplication = import 'LrApplication'

      local LrDialogs = import 'LrDialogs'

      local catalog = LrApplication.activeCatalog()



      GKMenuItem = {}



      function GKMenuItem.runProcess()







      function GKMenuItem.setKeywords()

                local test='Default'

                local catPhotos = catalog.targetPhotos

                local myKeyword = catalog.createKeyword( 'XYZA: test', {}, true, nil  )



                for _, photo in ipairs( catPhotos ) do

                          -- Loop through each of the photos.

                          -- photo.setKeyword(myKeyword)










      import 'LrTasks'.startAsyncTask( GKMenuItem.runProcess )


      The problem I have is that I get an 'Assertion Failed!' message for the createKeyword statement whenever this is run.   I've tried a lot of variations without success.  Using Lightroom 3.6 on OSX Lion 10.7.4.


      Any ideas would be appreciated!