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    Advanced DataGrid / XML


      Beginner on Flex, I'm working with the Advanced DataGrid and XML. My goals, is simple as I just want to edit xml directly in the grid.

      I'm wondering how can I map a complex XML width an advanced datagrid using grouping columns ...

      Here is an example of my XML structure :
      <libelle id="1">Here is the Lib ! </libelle>
      <week_1 id="1">
      <container1 id="1">
      <ask id="1" idContainer="1" idWeek="1">33.66</ask>
      <answer id="1" idContainer="1" idWeek="1">34.66</answer>
      <container2 id="2">
      <ask id="-1" idContainer="2" idWeek="1">0.0</ask>
      <answer id="-1" idContainer="2" idWeek="1">0.0</answer>
      <week_2 id="2">
      <container1 id="1">
      <ask id="1" idContainer="1" idWeek="2">33.66</ask>
      <answer id="1" idContainer="1" idWeek="2">34.66</answer>
      <container2 id="2">
      <ask id="-1" idContainer="2" idWeek="2">0.0</ask>
      <answer id="-1" idContainer="2" idWeek="2">0.0</answer>

      If somebody can I idea ... Thanks