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    Should I start using HTML5 today?

    LS8 9KN

      I have been learning from tutorials on lynda.com as hwo to use dreamweaver. When I first purchased it I didnt think it would be such an advanced program. Its certainly not one you can start suing straight away. I am thinking whether I should use html5 or not? All the tutorials on lynda.com are on html5 and none on the old html or xhtml 1.0 transitional. I am purely thinking from an SEO point of view as the word I am targetting the top person in google is using xhtml 1.0 transitional. Would appreciate any input from experts. Thanks again for all the help. Iv learnt a lot using this site alone

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          CaramelMacchiato Level 1

          LS8 9KN,


          You are encouraged to learn HTML5 and CSS3. Go ahead jump in the water, the water is fine.


          As you know, HTML and CSS evloves. Now that HTML5 and CSS3 has arrived. It is more simpler and more pleasant experience in terms of "ONE" web platform regardless (ONE means ONE website) and the website can be viewed seamlessly (almost effortlessly)... UNLESS if you know HTML and CSS inside out. By getting both of your hands dirty under the hood of HTML5 and CSS3, it can be done. It takes lot of practice, practice and practice. AND lots of patience. Perhaps lots of coffee.


          Have a look and research on topic "responsive web design" on Google.


          Also media queries on Google and on Adobe website at Dreamweaver Developer Center and other links referred by Google search queries.


          Like I said, go ahead dive in and water is fine.