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    How to activate inplace editing?


      In the documentation page for the rich text editor (http://dev.day.com/docs/en/cq/current/wcm/using_rich_text_editor.html), inplace editing is described this way:

      In addition to the dialog based Rich Text Editing mode, CQ also provides an Inplace Editing mode, which allows direct editing of the text as it is displayed in the layout of the page.
      Click twice on a paragraph (a slow double-click) to enter the Inplace Editing mode (the component border will now be orange).
      You will be able to directly edit the text on the page, instead of inside a dialog window. In this mode, you will be provided with a toolbar at the top of the page. Just make your changes and they will be automatically saved.

      I used the right components (Text & Image, Title) in a Geometrixx document but the slow double-click does not work.

      The components have the cq:editConfig/cq:inplaceEditing node with an active attribute with a value of true.


      Does someone know what to do, to make the inplace editing work?