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    Best CPU for CS6

    Neweycoop Level 1

      What is considered the best processor for running CS6 on  Windows 7 64bit Pro.

      Thanks in advance, NeilC

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          Noel Carboni Level 8

          The fastest one with the most cores that you can afford, and as many of them as you can afford, supported by as much RAM and disk space/performance as you can afford.  And you'll want a good video card to go with that.


          With an unlimited budget you could get a new Dell Precision T5600 with dual Xeon E5-2687W processors and it would likely kick the butt of any other computer on the planet right now running Photoshop.


          I like looking over the benchmark results here:







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            Neweycoop Level 1

            Thanks Noel - we'd all love to be able to have the best but I should have mentioned that sadly my budget won't allow that sort of 'shell out'!

            I don't work on huge files but need PS to run smoothly and quickly especially when making adjustments in camera raw.

            I'm having a system built to order and have been considering an i5 2500K Quad Core or the Ivy Bridge i5 3550.

            Not sure which would suit PS best.

            Regards, NeilC

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              Noel Carboni Level 8

              Either of the processors you mentioned will do a fine job.  The very latest generation tend to get more work done more quickly in a given core, so likely the 3550 is likely to be a little better.  Higher numbers on the benchmark site above are better, and I've come to think that you really do get what you pay for with microprocessors.  There's almost a perfect parity between performance and price.


              But if you have to trade financially for more RAM vs. more processor speed, opt for the RAM.  I strongly recommend shelling out the additional $$$ for ECC RAM.


              And as I mentioned, the video card will have a lot to do with helping you achieve fluid operation as well.  Shoot for something that rates 2000+ for "future proofness" on the video card benchmark site I mentioned above.