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    Emailing form to bounce back to swf(???)

    hutch-diggens Level 1
      I'm having some trouble getting a froms info to bounce back to the flash so that I can let the veiwer know that their info has been sent. --- I am sending the info to a php file--

      I have this at the buttom of my code--
      blah, blah, blah
      formData.sendAndLoad("email_request.php", formData, "Post");

      I have found some code that reads---
      formData.sendAndLoad("email_request.php", retData, "Post");

      retData.onLoad = function(success)
      if(retData.retVal == "okay")
      //Handle error

      when i put this in and switch the "formData to "retData" it doesn't send at all.

      In my php code I have---

      include 'init.php';

      mail ("xxxxxxx@email.com", "All Type Accounting Contact Us Form",
      The following is input from the request info page.
      Please respond to $name at $email in 2-3 business days.

      -----------------------------Basic Information----------------------

      name: $name1
      email: $email
      phone: $phone
      address: $address
      description: $description
      size1: $size1
      price: $price

      Please contact $name immediatly via phone.","$name\n");

      print &retVal = "okay";
      print &retVal = "error";



      Any suggestions???

      sorry such a long post.