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    Premiere Pro CS5.5 crashing while opening any project but new


      Premiere Pro keeps crashing when I attempt to open any previously saved project.


      If media to a project is not linked, it will open the box to relink, but selecting "link" or "offline" both lead to a crash once the workspace attempts to load.


      I am on a 3.4 Ghz Intel Core i7 iMac. AMD Radeon HD 6970M 1024 MB with Lion 10.7.4. I updated my PP and Media Encoder.


      I have the Master Suite CS5.5, but mostly live in PS, AI and DW. I searched through the discussions and found a number of posts regarding crashes, but they all seem to have different problems/solutions. The issue is now over my head. Any suggestions?


      Also, I read on a few discussions that it is recommended to run PP on a seperate machine because when a problem arises it is easier to discover its cause. If I don't have the means to do this, are there any tips for it to run seamlessly?


      Below is the script from problem report.


      Thanks for your time,



      [Please don't post full crash reports in the forum.  It makes scrolling through a thread very unwieldy.  If an Adobe staff member wants to see one, you can PM the report separately.]