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    Need Backend Software for Shopping Cart

      I have been looking into a Flex Store but I am concerned that I can not find any backend software for managing an oscommerce store. I have read that Flex is not good for Search Engines or for SEO optimization. Can anyone advise me if it is possible to have a working Flex OScommerce site or is it just not a good idea.

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          you can offer a HTML page with products which you show for non flash clients and search engines if you are worried SEO.
          But to be honest, properly the store is part of en overall website so you will get found anyways.

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            cxf02 Level 1
            For the SEO issues, Look at http://www.onflex.org/ted/2007/08/flex-directory-seo-and-flex.php and http://www.riapedia.com/2007/03/28/having_problems_with_flex_and_seo_help_may_be_on_the_wa y

            It's on Googles Radar and as RIA's advance the user experience they will be forced to deal with it. Personally, I think Ted's solution would work well for most eCommerce sites. As far as the "Backend" for the Flex Store, while the App is a good start, there are many features the best carts have that would take quite a while to build into this one. News, sales, reviews, most viewed items. Then there is the credit card and Paypal gateways and the shipping company interfaces. Then there is the administration piece for managing all the products, tax schemes and all the other systems features that the user never sees, but have to be managed. All require a robust backend either written in a solid scripting language (PHP, .Net, Ruby) or Java EE, with interfaces to the client.

            Not to discourage you, but the manner in which you asked the question indicates this may be a project beyond your current skills and experience. However, The Flex Store is an excellent application to start from. I would recommend tearing it apart and learning a great deal from it about FLEX before looking into what it will take on the backend.

            If you need some help, private message me as I have a customized Flex Store I am working on right now, It is for my Yamaha Dealer, and people will be able to do everything the application does now (and a little more), except instead of buying bikes online, they will email their list of choices along with their contact information to the dealership from what is now the purchase button. This is something I can do and use XML or a simple Java backend for the products. It already works with XML, so adapting it to a Java Data driven backend will take some time, and I've got years of experience at this!

            Good luck!
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              Hi Curtis,

              I am brand new to flex, and i need to learn AS,,, I would like to build a flex store, its very cool, but your right, there are alot of features that a cart offers as you stated that would need to go into a flex store. at the moment that is way over my head LOL.