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    can not connect the Cirrus Server, help me.

    pluton99 Level 1

      I am managing some On-line programs that use the Cirrus server.

      They worked fine until yesterday, but today is not.


      Please tell me what happen on the server.

      I need help of Adobe so mush.

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          Michael Thornburgh Adobe Employee

          i'm not having any trouble connecting to Cirrus right now from my house.


          our hosting provider, where the Cirrus servers are located, caused a connectivity problem for one of the many servers in our cluster from about 07:00 UTC monday til about 19:00 UTC monday. however, during that time, our plenty-of-redundancy kept the cluster operating normally. my utilization graphs show completely normal usage patterns during that time and up through now.  i rebooted the affected server at about 19:00 UTC, which cleared its problem and returned it to normal rotation in the cluster.


          other than the reboot to clear the issue on that one server, there have been no changes to the cluster in quite some time.  please try the Cirrus sample application:




          if that works for you but your application does not work, then most likely you have made a change to your application or your networking environment, since no real change has been made to Cirrus.