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    How do I get all my files to open up in Cs5 not Cs3? File plugin problem


      Keep getting error messages about plug-ins when trying to open up an InDesign file that wants to open up in Cs3 When I thought it should be opened up with Cs5.  It says that the worldready.rpln, dynamicdocuments.rpln, and conditonaltext.rpln are missing.  When I say just ignore then it gives me a really long list of things it is missing.  It says things like assignments.rpln, text.rpln, spread.rpln, master page.rpln, image.rpln, text attribbutes.rpn, generic page items.rpn.  I can't seem to change what opens the program either. I got the programs to open up in Cs5 if I went to open and then browse but then it couldn't recognize any of my fonts and put them to defaults.  I just had reinstalled everything to a new computer after my old computer crashed and I wondered if perhaps that had did something. Are there some type of setttings or plugs in I need to download or change?