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    Importing PDF into Indesign


      Is it possible to import PDf documents into the current version of Adobe Indesign ? I am currently testing the software and was wondering if it would be possible to import around 50 of my already published PDF docs to work on it and redesign it with Indesign ?


      Thank you in advance.

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          Adi Ravid Adobe Employee

          InDesign can place PDF pages as a graphic file.

          It doesn't allow you to edit the content of placed PDFs.


          However, you can use the PDF2ID plug-in to convert PDF file to editable InDesign documents.

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            Daniel Flavin Level 4

            You can Place a PDF into InDesign where it is treated as a graphic image - InDesign cannot edit a pdf.

            Recosoft has software which can perfom much of the task of creating an InDesign document from a pdf. It would not be perfect.



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              LimesGroup Level 1

              Txs for your replay, will give it a try ...

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                DavidMWE Level 3

                We (Markzware where I work), make a PDF to InDesign plugin called PDF2DTP for InDesign. That will do the trick.

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                  LimesGroup Level 1

                  Your website/link is not working with Internet Explorer 9.0 .. looks really terrible with IE, elements are displaced and placed all over the screen. Nice that everyone is optimizing for Mozilla and Safari, but I am a lone rider, still using IE. Shame on me .. and unfortunately I already copied/pasted 350 pages in indesign, re-formatted and redesigned it manually :-( I hope it will help future generations :-)

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                    plummerdesign Level 1

                    It still seems odd that PDF documents I created using InDesign CS3 cannot be opened with ID6.  The odd point being that another software company has the ability and product to do it, rather than the Adobe authoring tool.  Have been using InDesign since CS2 and still find this to be a serious lapse in development.


                    Markzware needs to develop a web site that works with ALL browsers.  In business you do not force your customers to use Chrome or Firefox, but instead have the courtesy to meet them with what they have.  BTW- Markzware does not offer a demo (online or limited use) of the product.  Pricing does not even show until the button is pushed to select the version.   As a designer I will spend money on plug ins that help workflow.  But without a demo how do I know what it really does for $199.?  Two demerits.


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                      DavidMWE Level 3

                      Hi @plummerdesign and @MasterStudios - indeed, it is a crying shame our website does not work in IE and they are looking into this. Thank you. We do not have a demo for several reasons and can understand your point. We do have numerous forms of detailed video demsontrations on PDF to InDesign via PDF2DTP here and we have some awesome testiominals from graphic arts industry experts, Frank Romano, Michael Jahn, Joe Marin and more (click on the hyper links on their names to view what they say about PDF2DTP).


                      One of many customer quotes we have include this:


                      "Really pleased to have this product [PDF2DTP for InDesign].  The Beta version was really good and saved me loads of hassle with amends to pdfs."

                      Graham Bell - http://www.absolutegraphics.co.uk


                      Another quote is:


                      “We have a lot of PDFs from „Word“ ;-) Before PDF2DTP, we used PitStop for the corrections, now we can do it better! As a recent example, we had come in an advert in PDF for a meeting. The ad was in RGB, Fonts not included, the trim and bleed were not correct, etc. I open it with the PDF2DTP plugin and it works very nice. A little bit of touching-up work on the pictures and the colours, but not much… Thanks for the app!”

                      Dirk Rosenplänter

                      Blueprint Werbeagentur e.K.


                      Hopefully this helps you see how useful and yet still affordable PDF2DTP for InDesign is. It is truly a gem, especially when all you have left is the said PDF! Thank you for the feedback and we will strive to better that side of it, for sure.