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    Javascript Function Failure Server Side

    mbrouill Level 1

      I recently documented difficulty with some custom toolbar functionality in another post (http://forums.adobe.com/message/4541798) but the problem seems to be a bit bigger than originally realized.


      I have been working with RoboHelp the past year but only in testing, gearing up to actual deploy a help portal through my company's LMS. I'm at the point of uploading content to our vendor's server and am finding that some custom javascript is not working.


      In my previous post I documeted the experience of having a toolbar print tab I created not work when uploaded to the server. Today I tried expiermenting with having the same javascript function prompted by a link in the topic. Tested locally everything works fine( as a link or as a toolbar tab). The problem only occurs when I bring it to the server.


      When I test the print function in the toolbar tab in IE 7 it gives me a line error for  whskin_tbars.htm.

      When I test it from the in topic link in IE 7 I get an error for [Topic Name].htm.


      As an additional test I created a toolbar tab with code to launch an email template. Works fine when the help is first generated but not when uploaded to a server.


      I haven't yet reached out to our IT department but wonder if this sounds like a security issue to anyone.