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    Flash crashing Windows Explorer

    creep80209 Level 1

      I think since version 11.2 of Flash player where the installer now lets you coose the update method. The window explorer program (file manager) on my Windows 7 and Windows Vista machine both keeps crashing every time it tries to update.


      I know that it is the Flash player updater because I can see the icon in the task manager and it shows up in windows task manager as FlashUtil32_11_3_300_257_activeX.exe *32 (Adobe Flash Player Installer/Uninstaller 11.3 r300)


      This is mostly related to the previous install setting of "Notify me of updates" instead of trusting Adobe to just auto update my Flash Player. In later update installs I did select for Adobe to just auto update my Flash. But, I am still periodically receiving crash reports about my windows explorer. In one case the crash led to issues with the VMWare Player Virtual Machine that I had running.


      I have even removed Flash Player from my system in an attempt to fix this issue.


      I was hoping that this issues would have been fixed in the last several weeks.