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    Aggh. Cannot create property error when using -swf-version >=13

    cpDev Level 1

      A few days ago I read about Flash's added support for MouseEvent.RIGHT_CLICK, so I thought I'd give it a try.


      • I downloaded Flex 4.6
      • created a new directory in {install_dir}\frameworks\libs\player\11.3 and put the 11.3 playerglobal.swc in there
      • changed my Flash Builder 4.5 project to "Use a specific version" 11.3.0
      • added -swf-version=15 additional compiler argument


      I then rebuilt and tested and found that although those steps succesfully disabled my right-click menu, some time into the execution of the application I would get a cryptic "Cannot create property 0" on my Array-subclassed object. So, I stepped through the code and found that the line where that property is set has a valid property name (not "0"), as well as a valid value.


      After an entire day of trying different Flex versions, playerglobal.swcs and -swf-version settings, I've boiled the error down to this: if I use -swf-version >=13 (Flash Player 11.0), I get an error. Using -swf-version=12 or lower, or disabling the compiler flag entirely works just fine. Using Flex 4.6, which uses 11.1.0 as the default target flash version also causes the error. Basically, I can't use Flash 11.


      Any suggestions would be very, very welcome.