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    How to quickly set animate/keyframe white balance

    jodaboda1 Level 1

      I have video of a walkthrough of a home (a couple minutes, just walking through and peeking into each room).  There is sunlight, incandescent, fluorescent, and whatever else.  Looking at a white bathroom, everything looks yellow.  Similar problems with different casts in other areas.


      I've already created an adjustment layer to use the Secondary Color Correction within Three-Way Color Corrector to minimize the blue cast from sunlight.


      I would now like to go through the video and every few seconds, set a keyframe and set the white balance for that area, as quickly as possible.  It appears that there's not a way to animate the white balance dropper (?), which would be ideal.  All I see now is the sliders under fast color corrector, for Hue Angle, Balance Magnitude, and Balance Gain, which all can be animated.  Having to deal with all three of those would be a huge pain, I think.


      Any ideas?  Note that it doesn't have to be perfect, just approximate.