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    Ooyala v2 API returning "garbled" response in FlashBuilder (4.6)


      I'm attempting to parse the response from a Ooyala REST call using the HTTPSERVICE.


      I've confirmed that the call returns a valid respose with the following attributes (in the browser):


      Type: application/json


      Render Mode: Quirks mode


      Encoding: ISO-8859-1


      The content (again, in the browser) looks like:


      {"original_file_name":"Dell-XPS-14-Laptop-Video-PT-BR.mov","source_file_url":"http://cms.ooyala.com/ZwMjhjNTrhxySuUrqrpyz9Z88b4d8U4-%2F0000000000000-0000057152719?Signa ture=%2F9UGY9EGrDzKU0ixD9ZDl%2BT2fYM%3D&AWSAccessKeyId=AKIAJUAIW2RNELHXXF2Q&Expires=134213 1393&","file_size":57152720}


      The httpservice object has the following attributes:


      querySource.headers = { Accept: "application/json" };

      querySource.contentType = "application/json";

      querySource.resultFormat = "text";


      The response completely garbles the response.  Here's a snippet:





      It also creates a large number of other properties, also seemingly encoded...




      If anyone has any ideas, please let know.  Ooyala support believes that the result is being corrupted in Flex.