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    Should 2GB Video Files be Combined into Full-Length Larger Files Before Editing in PP CS 5.5?


      I shoot with a Canon Vixia HF S21.


      It creates AVCHD files on the came, and when I transfer them off the camera, longer takes come off in 2GB segments.


      Sometimes I have long takes, 30-60 minutes for example, and one take will be 4-8 2GB files.


      The Canon export utility software will automatically combine these files into a larger complete single file of the single take.


      I am wondering if this is a good idea or a bad idea to combine these files with the Canon Utility, and edit in PP CS5.5 using the single, larger 8-12GB raw source video file?


      What I like about letting the Canon combine the files, is I know I won't make any mistakes in "splicing" the files together.


      What I don't like is now I have added double the amount of raw video storage space I am using up on my system.


      Perhaps it doesn't matter whether I use the single larger combined file vs. the individual 2GB files... I just don't know.


      Is there any downside to using the larger file?


      Is it better to use the smaller files?