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    kuler desktop

    ikbendeknapste Level 1
      I tried to install the adobe kuler desktop today but got following installation error :

      this application requires a version of adobe air which is no longer supported. Please contact the application author for an updated version.

      now I see I have 3 versions installed ;
      version 1.0 ; version 1.0.5 and version 1.0.6

      At the moment I 'm stuck , I can't even uninstall adobe air ?

      I'm using a dutch version of windows XP home .

      Any suggestions ?
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          To help you with your issue I would like to capture some logs from your system.

          To create the logs please do the following steps:
          1) Open a DOS prompt by going to Start->Run, and typing 'cmd' in the Open box.
          2) At the prompt type 'cd "c:\Documents and Settings\<userhome>\"' where <userhome> is the account your login name
          3) Type the following commands:
          echo > .airinstall.log
          echo > .airappinstall.log

          Next, try to install Kuler again, and try to uninstall AIR again. Come back here and post the results of the logs.

          Also, what is the URL you are using to get Kuler?


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            ikbendeknapste Level 1
            Thnx for the reply .
            I fixed it already after uninstalling everything from adobe air! ( 3 versions )

            then I installed the 1 version again and kuler desktop ! This works ok now
            But now my adobe media player doesn't work anymore but that is no problem for the moment.
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              Steve_Horvath Level 1
              Great! Glad you got it working. Can you say how you got it uninstalled so we may better understand what happened?