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    Premiere Pro CS6: AC3 "Format not supported" Error


      I have mp4 files with h264 video and AC3 5.1 audio.  These were transcoded from the originals using MediaCoder.  Yes, I know this is suboptimal, but for now this is how I must work.


      These files import into the Master edition of Premiere Pro CS6 (Windows) without any audio and only the video works.


      If I demux the videos and try to import just the .ac3 file, it still will not import and Premiere returns an error: "File format not supported."


      I still have PrPro CS5.5 installed, and these same exact files import and play audio properly.


      I will do my project with CS5.5 if I have to, but why is CS6 not working with an audio format that it is clearly supposed to support?  None of the CS6 programs I use will play audio from these videos with AC3 audio.  That includes Premiere Pro, Bridge and Audition.