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    wierd font missing problem

    inquestflash Level 1

      hello indesigners.


      I have installed a font on my machine,i have applied it to my text frames,

      but when i open up my indesign document,its telling me the fonts missing.and only one

      letter appears in a pink block indicating that the letter T is missing!


      what this wierd issue?


      thank you.

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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          What is this weird font? Is there something special about the T like it was an alternate or swash or something? What happens if you select it and open the Glyphs panel?


          Some screen shots would be useful....

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            DavidMWE Level 1

            Hi, Pink highlighted text indicates substituted fonts. You can turn off the highlighting by unchecking highlight "substituted fonts" in the Composition section of InDesign's Preferences.

            What does preflight tell you? Are the fonts really not active on your machine? (or try FlightCheck - we make that - just drag and drop your .indd file onto the FlightCheck icon and get an easier to understand report...)
            I mean, can you no longer select and use that font when in InDesign?
            What happened (I think) is you somehow appear to have substituted those fonts to something else. Select them and choose the font you want to use - that is if it is active still.
            You may also want to zap your InDesign font caches.
            Friendly Regards,
            David Dilling of
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              inquestflash Level 1

              Greetings Peter.


              All is good now,i managed to uninstall and reinstall the font,and its working fine now.

              i managed to do find missing font and all is good now.


              Thank you.