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    I need a very simple light Tripod for a small camcorder for travels

    Royhessey Level 1

      I have numerous tripods, having acquired them over the years.

      Now I have migrated to a very small camcorder ( Migrated from Sony HDR-FX1e to a Panasonic TM700 ) I get a lot of

      shake when shooting hand held.


      This is what I am using at present

      http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/633269-REG/Joby_GP1_ATEN_Gorillapod_Flexible_Mini_Tr ipod_f.html


      I am thinking of buying this tripod :

      http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/871066-REG/Benro_A0350Q0B_MeFoto_Travel_Tripod_With. html


      Has anyone out there any suggestions.


      I often have to shoot very quiclky e.g. wildlife.


      I have found the stablisation effect in Premiere CS6 is very usefull.



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          Steven L. Gotz Level 5

          I don't know how tall you are, but a tripod that only extended to 4.26 feet would just be too short for me. I understand the attraction of it folding up to a little over 18 inches, but it is just too short. You would have to bend way over to look through a viewfinder, and quite often shooting outdoors in bright sunlight makes that necessary, even with an i-cuff . I suggest that 59 inches (or more) would be better. Believe me, an extra 8 inches or more can be significant. Then again, I still use a HDR-FX1 when not just shooting with my smartphone.


          I found that using a tripod could be a problem when I was running around getting various shots. Instead, since what I really wanted was shot stability, my body became the tripod. Meaning, I use a sort of monopod that fits into a holster I wear around my waist. It is called a JuniorRig and works great. I took it on a tour of Greece and I was able to stand in the back of the group, extend it all the way up, and still get great, steady, shots. You just learn to stand still and use your body to pan.




          The cool thing about the JuniorRig is that it fits into my tripod bag, which I strap to my back, along with the tripod I use for when I have the time to set it up or when I want to get into the shot. My tripod extends to 64 inches and folds to about two feet. It was a bit pricey, but standing in B&H in NYC I just had so many to choose from that I bought what I wanted and not what I could afford. That place is like crack cocaine to me. Terribly addicting. But I love it. I really do.


          I have no financial ties to the JuniorRig. I just know that it saved my vacation because there were many places in Greece where they do not allow a tripod. Even if you show them the rubber feet they think that it will hard the stones that have been there for centuries. And they would be right since many tourists would not be careful about retracting the tripods spikes.


          Another thing about the JuniorRig is that I can take it out of the holster and just let the monopod hang down to help steady the shot.


          In any case, please consider your height as well as the tripods.

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            Royhessey Level 1

            Thanks Steven. Wow, the JuniorRig is pricey, just like you said. It looks good though. As for B&H, we shop online there all the time and we are based in Australia. Every time when in NY we make a point of drooling/getting a fix in B&H. Often come out more the poorer. As for my FX1e ( thats the PAL version) I shot 35 hours and the lense collapsed internally. Cost of repairs $2,500 so I purchased the Panasonic TM700 which was only $1100 from B&H of course. I am really addicted to Video as an amateur and have cams going back to the early 60's ( Regular 8 movies) I have all them lined up on my shelf. Lately I have become addicted to Adobe Photoshop, having been a long time user of Premiere. Where does the addictions end?  Thanks for your input.  Here is a very small portion of my work on Vimeo :  https://vimeo.com/user5373929